3 Belgians & a Brit walk into a bar in Mexico…..

Might sound like the start of a joke but trust me it’s anything but! Having visited Puerto Vallarta back in August 2015 we fell in love with the place and Ann & Igor (2 of the Belgians) decided to buy a cool little pool bar bang in the centre of Zona Romantica. Having enlisted the help of their daughter Tish (Belgian number 3) and her boyfriend Matt (the lone Brit) we took over in April 2016. In August the same year we closed for some renovations and opened as El Soñador in October.

We can pretty much sum up what we do in 5 words….


Sounds simple and it really is. Come visit us and you’ll get great drinks served by great people, you’ll play some pool against the regulars & drop ins alike, you’ll hear some fantastic music, you’ll eat some awesome food made by awesome chefs, and you’ll hang out below the stars on our beautiful rooftop.

But the Rooftop isn’t just for stargazing: We have some brilliant Live bands on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays, and we’ve got 4 large screens showing NFL on Mondays, Thursdays & Sundays as well as most other major sporting events & leagues throughout the week, so make sure you follow us on Facebook to stay in the loop with what’s coming up.

El Soñador : The Dreamer